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New 40k edition New army.

Hello all,

New 40k edition

I have had a brief look at the rules and played 3 games last saturday with my fire hawks.
My 5 terminators & Captain managed to kill 15 terminators and Belial.

 My thoughts on the new edition are all positive, as all changes feel realistic.
There were initialy fears for a psychic phase and with premasuring they were going to make 40k into a fantasy with laserguns edition, but that is not the case.

I have yet to play against a psycher or flyers and 3 games does not make me an expert.
But I feel that it is not as random as fantasy is with magic.

I think the things that make the game more stratigic is
  • placing your troops correctly 
  • Passing out the wound pools in the correct order
  • list creation
Creating a good list is more important than ever, cause of flyers if you dont have AA guns or flyers your self they seem realy hard to hit. Depends on the enemy list I suppose but can you ignore them? I think mortis dreadnaught is a very good choice for space marines.

Ground vehicles seem easier to destroy cause of hull points, I was going to say its because of the +2 and +1 on the damage table from ap1 and ap2 guns but that is not the case because the chart has changed also 5 is immobilized and 6 is wrecked. On the other hand hammers, fists and chainfists benefit from that rule too. I dont think I will be changing my melta guns for anything else quite yet.

I also like the kill the closest rule.

Another favorite of mine is the army allies.
Finaly tournament legal fluff armies (and not) combinations. A real joy for a modeler and painter and gamer.
Actually my next army is a combination but more of that later.
Have you thought any army combinations?

A fiew of the top of my head is:
death guard + nurgle orks, there is a picture of nurgle orks in the old demonhunter book.
Word bearers + demons
Chaos marines with IG.  Good chance for a tournament legal astral claws list.
Preheresy death guard with sisters, flight of  Eisenstein
Space marine alliences
Some pirate theme orks and dark eldar
Eldar (Mandrakes) and demons.
Ig cultists and demons.
Lost space wolfs in the warp with demons.
Tau hiring orks insted of kroot as mercs.
Nightlords(space wolf codex) with red corsairs (chaos marine codex) from the book blood reaver
I am sure there are many more.

Now in any way GW made a rulebook there will be players that abuse the rules what so ever. Maybe i am a silly romantic but I will accept any combination as long as you can present it and sell it to me. "here is my zenophobe black templars allied with tau broadsides". or here is "captain tycho allied with some ork hordes" is not going to make the cut for me.

And there is the 2000+ point games were you get anothe force organization chart so you can spam *6, hopefully 2000p will be in fun relaxed games so no worries there.

New Army Death Guard/Nurgle Orks.

Initially my plan  finish the non flying orks (tank bustas, boys, deff dread)
Then Chaos codex comes out continue nightlords
Then when dark angels come out do Greek marines.

So I started building my tank bustas( which are almost green stuff completed) then something old awaken inside me an old desire for nurgle orks while looking at the allies chart.

Another contributing factor is that i already own most of the models and a good chance to paint 2-3 nice models I dont own without breaking the bank.
So the list is built in mind of what I own / think will look pretty /fun to play.

Death guard/Nurgle orks 1500p

Demon prince of nurgle wings (jump pack)     

·              10 Plague marines                                        
 champion fist
2 plasma guns
Rhino combi                                                                   

·        5 Plague marines, 2 plasma guns            

3 Terminators , 3 combi meltas                        
2 Obliterators                                               
Defiler (nurgle forgeworld)                         

Mad Doc Grotsnik                                          

10 greachin                                                      

5 meganobs                                                
Cyborg body


Only thing I needed to buy for the army was the demon prince, the plague hulk defiler and the rhino a total of £100.

Death gueard is built, obliterators are built too, the 10 greachin are painted I am thinking of adding a plague bearer as the hearder.

I am currently building the mega nobs, they are the size of a warboss but without armor pure mussle and rot.
I have modeled them with twin linked shoters but used minotaur fists instead of power claws photos later today hopefully.
So what is your new army for 6th edition?

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