Thursday, 19 July 2012

6th edition and Firehawks.

I played another 2 games last night of 40k with my fire hawks, both opponents concided by turn 4.
My opponents were trying out lists and are not the best players either, even though i am 5-0 I have yet to play a good player. A bit like Rocky 3 with his fixed games.

I can realy feen the effect of the force weapons against my terminators, I was thinking of using spears in a grey knigt army but not anymore (or atleast not against terminators), there are not enough attacks to take away a big chuck of my terminators before they hammer them to the ground.

My list has no answer against flyers, luckly only one player had a flyer, a storm raven which I ignored, it imobilized my LR turn 2 and then turn 3 it got destroyed by a dreadnought in cc. Then again if I have to face 2 stromravens thats about 1/3 of his army in 1500p. Dont now about other armies, I would like to add a mortis contemptor but what do I take out?

Here is my list.

Terminator armor
 Digital Weapons

10 tactical marines

10 tactical marines
combi melta fist

8 sternguard

5 terminators
LR Redeemer


Fast 2 attack bikes melta

Also for 10 points extra I could give my army Hestan instead of my captain.

Last night I played against grey knights and Ig tank list.

In game one the sternguard came down and killed 8 interceptors
second game they blew up a tank and took the entire shooting phase of the ig turn 2. still one of them survived.
I cant complain for any of my elite and fast choises. They all did very good.

Favorite Cinematic scene 1#: drop pod land's, tactical come out and lascannon snapshots a interceptor.
Favorite Cinematic scene 2#: Bikes make a melta shot at grey knight dread, it explodes and kills 2 grey knight terminators.
Worst shooter in my army: Marine on LR holding the multimelta, I think he failed every shot he made Maybe thats his way of saying: "I have stayed in the  basecoat stage for 10 months". I hear you little man...

Sternguard about to feel the wrath of a demolisher.
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