Thursday, 1 March 2012

6 Years of Fantasy. My painted armies and my grey models.

I have been in the hobby now for 5-6 years.
I have painted 13130p fantasy (8000p lizardmen,2500 lustrian goblins, 1500 chaos warriors(commission) 500 demon commision
My biggest miniature love, my lizardemen!

Evil Dead trees

Bloodthurster commision

Chaos Warriors Commision

My lustria goblins

I had the idea of a rock golem(giant) 4 years before forgeworld

So whats left in fantasy?
My Lustrian goblins got the spider added to their ranks
I still have one unpainted Wurrzag and that completes my lustrian army. Maybe one day I will do a Golem on a spider Base using forgeworld rules.
For Storm of magic I was sculpting a fimir, but forgeworld relased their own which are quite nice.
Currently I am painting a massive lizard man from troll forge miniatures. I will use him as a bloodthurster in storm of magic, counts as Nakai the Wanderer (Albino legendary Kroxigor)

 There is also Eco a skink priest special character.

So on the fantasy part things are relativly ok,3-4 models. Oh I also have a half built 2000p beastmen army but I don't mind keeping it in the freezer for another year.

Next up my grey armies in 40k , that is were thing are bad, realy bad.

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