Thursday, 1 March 2012

4 years of 40k. Painted armies and grey models , armies in the pipeline. Part 1

First of all I have only been painting playing 40k for 4 years the previous 2 I only painted played Lizardmen, nothing else for me existed.
1st 40k Army I ever did was a slanesh themed space marine army. We were supposed to do a tale of 4 gamers all chaos marine but with a diferent god. Only I finished the army the others called quits.
1750p of slannesh

After that I spread out to the orks
for 40k in 40min
warboss/lootas/ nobs/ greatchin
I realy enjoy them so I expanded on my ork,


Chlick to see the freehand I did on the coca cola bottle.

If that was not enough I want to make my orks into a flying army.
So I made parashute boyz.

 Still all unpainted. :-(

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