Monday, 26 March 2012

Is the painting bug back? My four pieces this month.

For a while now I have lost my painting mojo (painting creativity and desire). It seems this month I have started to regain it. I am preparing 4 pieces for some minor painting competitions, no prizes just for fun. I started them all in March. And I am hopping to complete them by the end of the month.

1st piece is for Greek warhammer Forum bimonthly competition, the subject fantasy unit filler.
The statue is from the GW grave terrain kit, I added 2 skeletons and 2 grave guard so it can be used either for skeletons units or graveguard. It took me 2 days, I am sure you can notice the airbrush effect.

2nd piece Greek warhammer forum painters league. Nakai the albino kroxigor.
This miniature is from trollforge. I will be use it as a blood thurster in storm of magic for my Lizardmen.

*These are old wip photos he is now almost done.

3rd piece Local GW competition.
 These is new from my local GW store, paint 1 of the releases in the past month  to enter, they say there will be prizes, I would not hold my breath though, prove me wrong GW!

A friend has comisioned me to paint him some thunder wolfs this is one of them:
Still need to paint the rider but that can be achieved in one day.

And finaly piece 4 for Greek warhammer Forum bimonthly competition, the subject 40k objective.

I had 2 months ago this idea and expressed it on GWF,
 "On a terminator I will put a corner of a two storey high building. Upon it will be dangling a ork with his parashute caught on the building.
I will buy this and have a piece or rod from the building going through his chest.
The parashute and the ork will be removable so i an place them on any piece of terrain I want.

And lastly the parashute will be made out of armies banners, blood angel grey knight, dark angel, ultramarines and  space wolfs. Which space marine would not try to reclaim their banner?

I will do a small wip post on how I made it, but this is how far i have gotten to.

I am pleased once again I can actualy turn idea into miniature.
Only thing is that it is not removable, I was afraid that way the cables would break off.

Hope you like it.
I will be taking better photos of all three at the end of the month.

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