Monday, 26 March 2012

40k ork objective. Creating the objective

This is the description of the objective i wanted to build for my 40k flying army.
 "On a terminator I will put a corner of a two storey high building. Upon it will be dangling a ork with his parashute caught on the building.
I will buy this and have a piece or rod from the building going through his chest.
And lastly the parashute will be made out of armies banners, blood angel grey knight, dark angel, ultramarines and  space wolfs. Which space marine would not try to reclaim their banner?"

Apologies for the photos i found it easy to open my mobile and take a quick snap.

 The model's back, left leg and left arm are flat the back. So I cut of the arm and replaced it with a plastic one.


 Plastic arm is pinned muzzle is drilled and I also placed a pin into his stomach.

Next up you can see the building

The building pieces got cut of with my dremmel to get the right size, then I drilled the back of the ork and the building and pinned together.

Next on is the banner.
I made a stamp of various space marine banners with Ge deo (this is just a link showing the product, I buy it form my local craft store) I mixed green stuff and a bit of  milliput to create a rough shape parashute, then pressed in the stamp, and finaly sculpted the stiches. Once semi dry I placed it on my building piece.

For the base I placed an ork skull, will our paraboy meet the same fate?
Added some sand and placed atop a axe ( cut out the hand and replaced with plastic rod and green stuffed the handle.

So the parashute rips, he crash lands on top of some building ruins and gets impaled, at that point he drops his axe.

The parashute backpack I had made a while ago when I was trying some stuff out, it very nicely hides the flat back of the ork.

Once all of this was dry I started on the parashute ropes\cables.
I made thin rols of green stuff the used this

After that I sprayed it black, air brushed it a few colous and now it is ready for some hand painting.

now you can make your own.

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