Tuesday, 20 March 2012

4 years of 40k. Painted armies and grey models , armies in the pipeline. Part 3

I already have a chaos Marine Army but after reading more and more about the nightlords I felt compeled to create them on the table top. My first approch was to create them with space marine , chaos space marine and fantasy graveguard bits. Winged helmets and no demons was the plan. Does this make sence?

After reading Soul Hunter and Blood Reaver I reduced the winged helmets.

As you can see in all three pieces of book cover artwork, the spikey helmets are not used.
So my second attempts had less winged helmets.

Unfortunatly this army has only 1 painted rhino. And 15 nightlord marines half painted.

I have started working on the group of 6 main characters but I have lost my momentum and now this army is on freeze. Hopefully this summer I will get a few more done with a nice codex to back me up.
I am wating for the third book of the series to come out (void stalker- next month ) and new codex, then I will decide on my list. At this point it seems a unit of chosen 2 units of demonic raptors and pods. This is a justified army on hold.

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