Tuesday, 28 February 2012

40k Doubles tournament in Cambridge

Good morning all,
Bellow I have a ton of announcements and events planned from the Sons of War Cambridge.

We have our first tournament planned!
It is a 2 week, 4 game tournament with 2 games per evening on consecutive Wednesdays!
The details are on the attached flier and it is a DOUBLES TOURNAMENT!
It is £5 to enter per person (but that includes both weeks club entry and prize fund)

So, grab a partner, throw together a 1500 point army and get on down to the club! Set up is from 6-6.30pm, then Round One is 2 hours, Round 2 is 2 hours. We have parking at the club and for free down Flamsteed Road.

If you need a partner, throw a post up on the club forum found at www.sonsofwar.org.uk and we'll find you someone to play with.

If Warhammer 40K is not your thing, we are also going to be running an Escalation Warhammer Fantasy League starting from 7th March - start at 500 points and add 500 points every month in manageable chunks...avoid having unpainted models backed up on your desk!! Great way to get some Fantasy in!! If you are an experienced player, come on down with a new army and build up over the months to the staggering sizes of Fantasy!

The perfect opportunity to learn to play and get those Christmas models on the tabletop finally!!

Love to mangle your opponent on the sportsfield? Love Warhammer? Want to do them both at once? BLOODBOWL RETURNS!! Starting 29th February we are running some starter games to get us back up to speed with the aim of running a BloodBowl Premier League starting 21st March  

Don't forget we still run Warmachine, Malifaux and regular pick up play for 40k. 

Everyone is welcome, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

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