Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Stuff for Sale #2

Dear Readers,
I have had another massive clean up in my mancave, I found a few things I would like to sell.
so here goes:

* half built -missing parts land raider 20£ Sold
could becaume good with some love and attention, I already own 3 LR.
also a good body for a forgeworld land raider kit.
The front door is glued shut.

*  3 Necron Immortals/Deathmarks 
Enough parts to build 3 models, all guns are there, so you could get more out of the box if you have the bodies.

* Lemman russ- I think.  10£  Sold

Postage included in uk.


  1. i will gladly take the russ and raider for a £30 mate.

  2. Shoot me an email
    a dot r dot pattison at gmail dot com and we can sort it out :)

    1. Sent them out today, looking forward to see what you do with them.