Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Scouts and Hyperion almost done

Hello readers,

what the title says:

The defence batteries were made with the following bits, from top to bottom:
Scope from land raider crusader
2 drop pod missile launchers
havoc missile launcher axis
Land raider small lid
drop pod engine part
the legs are cut out bits from the drop pod
and finaly 4 20mm bases.

The scouts need basing and the launchers elf flesh highlighting.
after that I have got to do some details on the LR and build and paint the  lucius drop pod.

I have also made a hobby  plan up until April.
 End of January finish the nurgle landing pad
1) Buid and paint 9 greek marines, powersword & stormbolter.

2) Build a 4 by 6 modular board, many thanks to Bruno for showing me this tutorial http://www.coolminiornot.com/articles/6397-how-to-make-modular-terrain
3) Maybe start the typhous zombie list.

I have also asked Andy from  http://sanguinesons.blogspot.co.uk/ to help me with a list for my greek space marine army. I usally write my own list but this time I want to see his ideas and thoughts.

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