Monday, 7 January 2013

Dealing with deamons.

No matter what game system I choose demons come to haunt me. I believe that a space marine army is generaly has a really hard time vs demons and i mean the demon list with 3 units of flammer flying demon princes etc.
 Because I can't relay on my opponents bad deep strikes, I have decided to have a look at whats out there to give space marines the upper hand.
 It was quite a common thing in magic the gathering tunning your list against the top 2-3 lists, and in 40k I think the top ties are necrons and demons maybe even IG, the last tournament I attended wad a dramatic drop rate (compered with last years) in marine armies. Sure space marines are out there and I think I can handle the marines. For now I want to be able to beat demons and necrons every thing else is fare game.

A fearsome demon army played by my friend Steve is some thing like this:


5 horrors
5 horros
5 plaguebearers
5 plaguebearers

4 flammers
4 flammers
4 flammers

3 screamers

3x deamon princes fly flamming attack

So demons will take the chance and deep srike near you to flame you. The screamers, plaguebearers and DP will try to get in close combat.
The majority of the demons ignore you armour save killing your 15-20point models with no chance.
Flamers will burn a space marine/terminator on a +4 no armour save and no cover.
Demons princes do the same while flying or they can smash you with their ap2 cc attacks. add vector strikes too.
Screamers do the same in close combat.

Its quite nasty facing demons, no wonder inquisition is the way it is.

Things that could give you saves are feel no pain and inv saves. feel no pain is available to death company, blood angel priests and squads with apothecary like a command squad. Inv will be available to your hq and terminators.

  •  Ap weapons vs demons are overkill (unless bloodthrster or demon prince, and quite bad if they are flying) they have no armour but inv and they are also eternal warriors
  • well known fact is to spread your models as much as possible leaving  little room for the demons to come up behind you. I am also tempted with leaving between unit enough space for the demons to deep strike but punnishing them if they scatter, this idea is untested.
I want to be able to force them to deep strike away from me out reduce them before they reduce me, so i am looking for models with interceptor.
I dont believe any codex at the moment has interceptor, so this is what I have come up with.

1)Aegis defence Line with quadra gun, unfortunatly I need to dance to the tune of  GW. 4 shots twin linked str7,probably at balistic skill 4.

2) Forgeworld air defence launcher, I will add only one unit of this to conform with an upcomming tournament, 4 str 8 missiles intercept is the key.

3) Inquisitor corteaz he and his unit shoot at anything that deep strikes within 12" of him. no limit to the number of shots he can do.

I have been expecting you.

Those 3 are all the interceptors I could find.
Other useful anti deamon I found.

4) Librarian with null zone forcing deamons within 24" to reroll their saves. If you don't plan to put him in a small vehicle 40 points for terminator armour and storm shield is very good. Second power I like giving my librarian is avenger, good against marines.

5) Land speader Storm demons wanting to deep strike within 6" of the land speader storm scatters 4d cause of the jamming beacon. This final choice I am not sure of. It dies easy if not careful, but I can transport troops and maybe kill a few infantry. I am thinking of testing them but right now.

6) probably one of the best ones is warp quake. A  pcy. power that come in the strike and interceptor squads.

I would like to add to corteaz a 10 man strike squad with psybolts 20str 5 is not bad, or I could go crazy and add heavy weapons. The problem is I dont want to do grey knight when I am planning to make Greek marines with storm bolters. And a greek themed defence line. But I hope this help you in the future against demons.

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