Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Caledonian wars weekend report

Good morning readers,
I attended my first 40k tournament this year, Caledonian Wars, 80+ players  of which 15 were necrons and 10 were space marines.
I went with Andy(necrons), Steve(Demons) and Bruno (blood angels).
I finished 54th with 2 wins and 3 losses.
Andy had 4 big wins and played last game table 1 for the win, unfortunately he did not make it but still finished in the top 9. Still a bloddy good performance and always consistent.
Bruno got nominated for best painted and came in that second, there were 3 imperial fist armies nominated- judges must like yellow.

I took my fire hawks, untested for 6th edition. I put together what i fancied playing and had mostly painted, and still did not finish painting the pod or the landraiders.

Game 1 was against demons, 3*9 flammers, 3*9 screamers and 6*6 plaguebearers, and we were playing the scourging. Which was probably the worst scenario I could have in this list.

I took a corner and put on the perimeter the terminators.
I was lucky enough to roll the -1 to his reserves warlord trait.
I won the roll and asked him to play first, he but flamers and screamers in one unit and plaguebearers.
 in another. he chose flammers unit but rolled a 2. So plague bearers came in. You would think that is a blessing but turn 2 all 6 of his units came in on a +4.
turn 1 I stayed in my formation

his turn 2

his flammers shot my scouts I made 5 saves, but lost 2 in flame range.
then 9 screamers slashed for 10 wounds all dead.
the other 2 screamers killed a terminator in each unit, and the other flammers killed my dread.

my turn 2 terminators go into combat with the 2 units of screamers,
 null zone fails, my drop pod marines kill like 3-4 flammers.

his turn 3 rhino and 2 units of marine die.

turn 4 with 5 flamers he does 4 glancing hits to my one land raider and with his other 4 flammers he does another 4 glancing hits, at that point i had a pod my librarian and 1 terminator I conceded.

That was an awful first game that I wanted to put behind me, outnumbered by 2 wound models. Worst match up while the opponent does not know that dice also have a 1,2,3 side on them. He was still a good chap and not cocky.

After that it was lunch and display your armies, I took a few pictures.

Game 2,
Well with 0 points I was hopping for an easier game, so I play against necrons.
There seemed to be one common list among all necron players 3 units of wraiths, 4 flyers 3-4 battle barges and 1-2 destroyer lords with mindshakle scarabs. This one  had 2 arks and scarabs instead of 2 flyers.

My opponent just moved his wraiths forward so I shot and charged them turn 2 with null zone in effect. Then they smashed some battle barges.

At the end of the game he had the relic and I had 1 objective line breaker first blood and slay the warlord.

No more pictures after that my phone died.

Game 3 was vs necrons, same stuff I lost 19-1.  The ironclad was disappointing once again with flammer, melta , close combat and after reanimation protocols no immortals were lost.

After diner we went to our hotel room I was with Bruno so we decided to play a game, we decided anvil and hammer cause of the space and  relic mission. zero terrain except for Brunos defense line.

we rolled for mission: Relic.

fun game, turn one drop pod marines capture the relic, sniper kills a terminator.

He moves forward makes some shoots nothing special appart form killing 5-6 marines in the relic unit.

my turn 2 I assault his terminators and mephisto, he is left with 3-4 terminators and falls back while mephisto is on one wound. Iron clad assaults and kills some devastators relic moves into the land raider.

Brunos turn 3 2 units of   assault marines with 2 meltas each deep strike and blow the land raider, gate of infinity allows his lib and termies to bypass my terminator wall. Mephisto assaults my marines , snapshot a meltagun to his face and he dies.

 turn 4 my marines enter the rhino -he blows the rhino up.
up to there everything he has is almost dead.

Day 2
 I play against grey knights ,
Razorback heavy bolter spam with 3 riffle dreads.
Turn one I get first blood with dread vs razorback.
Turn 2 I avoid been assaulted by the terminators with combat tactics so I can shoot them and assault them with 2 units of terminators and null zone.
I think my opponent lost interest quite fast after that and spent some time text-ing during the game, turn 5 he conceded.

Last game and probably the nicest player and list I played against and I lost.
He was playing sisters with imperial gun (anvil & big guns)
He had selestine  2 unis of sisters 3 exorsists and jacob in a 50 strong unit of IG, Straken
and hydra 4 chimeras I think. once again dread failed to damage the sisters, Straken turned it into a can in 2 turns.
My biggest mistake was charging the massive blob with only one unit of terminators and marines, I should have committed the second unit of terminators too that and my super ability to roll 1 and 2s.

and Celestine got up twice.

In the end all terminators and librarian died another unit of marines assaulted them (they were about 10 now)
we both had one objective but he had first blood line breaker and slay the warlord.
Most original list I played.

It was a great weekend, got to play 40k hang out with some friends, eat breathe and talk about the hobby. A competitive eye opener.

I don't think I deserve any better for the amount of preparation I did. Writing a  list in 3 hours using an army I played maybe two 6th edition games with. I thought 2 LR were viable but the 2 top lists have many ways of dealing with them.

Future Plans.

2 new, new year resolutions:
I think I complain a lot about how overpowered the demon and necron codex is. Too much, and I don't want to be the whiny bitch, the codexes are what they are.They are overpoered that why they are chosen by the good players and you see them in large numbers, out of 15 codexes 1 in 8 were a necron player. But that is life, so 1)Try to never complain about a codex again.

2) Try to not complain about dice rolls or bad luck.
 Some times I can hold my disappointment some times not.

When you roll reserves 6 units  on a +4 up, I expect 3 +-1  units to  come in , not all.

when you roll 9 flammers I expect 5+- hits not 8.

I had 2 opponents apologize for their luck.

Hobby plans, finish the nurgle temple  and start the greek marines. 
Make a list to beat Necrons and deamons.

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