Friday, 11 January 2013

Raptor Scouts & Fire Hawks Hyperion battery.

Hello readers,
I always feel cheap when I post without any actual photos work to show. You know, like  all talk no action kind of thing, well sorry this is one of these posts.
This weekend I plan to paint my 5 camo scouts and the 2 hyperrion batteries. So you could say its a bit of an oath motivational post.

I found this amazing piece of artwork:

I will do them with a camo patern, but it will be urban.

But I realy like the painted face I will try and immitate that. It will be 4 colours basecoat white, first layer dark grey with some green, second layer light grey with some green and finaly black.
Unfortunatly I could not find any inspiring city camo scouts on the net.
Following is some tracks for my painting sessions.

I will also try to paint my 2 hyperion defence batterries, yesterday I created a platform and last night I made a mold for it. Red-orange-yellow with flames it will be.

Hopefully my next post will be with some painted miniatures.

After that is the nurgel temple ending January.
After that will be 9 Greek marines and some nurgle stuff until April.

P.S. did you know that in the new dark angel codex 10 tactical marines are 40-50 points cheaper than the vanila ones, its even worse for devastators. I might even po in to gw to have a read tomorrow.

Have a good Weekend.

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