Monday, 26 November 2012

Preparing for Warhammer world kill team.

Two weeks after blog wars I will be visiting Warhammer world for a 1 day event kill team.

its 200p and  the organisation chart is:
0 – 1 Elite
0 – 2 Troops
0 – 1 Fast Attack

Each model acts individualy,
You can give 3 models a universal rule from the rulebook, not the same one.
Once you go bellow half your starting models you start taking a ld test at the beggining of your next turn, each turn after add a -1 modifier.
Played on a 4*4 board.

I think tthis is the best chance for a fluffy nightlord list.

So at 200p I will be taking 10 chaos space marines.

    * Chaos Space Marines (200pts)
        5x Additional Chaos Marines , Bolt Pistol, 5x Close Combat Weapon , Heavy Bolter , Meltagun , Nurgle , Veterans of the Long War

I have given them a mark, the mark of nurgle, that is because I wanted them to be toougher, I think its a big difference for the opponent to hit you on 5, or 6s. Especially against space marines 5s in shooting and close combat. That and the veterans of the old war costs me about 2 marines, but I think it is worth it.

I think Variel will sit out of this, It will be first claw and third claw somewhere chronologicaly between soul hunter and blood reaver. As you can see Uzas Cyrion and Mercurian are almost ready to paint. Xarl and Talos still need work.

I will also add 5 nightlord marines from my excisting collection, preferably boltgun ones, These models below are already half painted.
The only thing I have not decided is the 3 universal rules to give my models.

Xarl will have smash.
Talos blood Angel sword will be master crafted.
and Uzas will have Rage.

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  1. Excellent work, looking warward to seeing them painted.