Friday, 9 November 2012

Epidemius Update 3.

Good morning readers,
So today I am going to look back one week (real time jump~) and see what I had set a target last friday for today.

"I plan by the end of next Friday to have Epidemius painted, and all 6 bikes cast. Lets see how I do by the end of next friday. Its time to get the thumb out of bum!"

The 6 bikes are cast, I have cast about ten of them trying to get copies without air bubles, my 6 best copies I have started to green stuff.  I have also started cleaning the mold lines of the biker legs, cant wait  to get the bikers on their bikes.

Epidemius is not painted. But he is almost complete he now needs some worms and for me to recheck and add the final details. Experience tells me not to jump in and paint him, but leave him aside, finish the sculpting details and then paint him. Very eager to paint him.  Do you think he needs some more banners?

Plastic ,metal,resin, green stuff, milliput and glue all put together:

Do you have any recomendations?
A friend of mine said he needs a book, but Epidemius is not a psycker and I dont think reading is his thing.
But instead of painting Epidemius I got 14 havoks almost built, today I hope to finish that off.

Target next week, finish the plague marines paintwise(that have been sprayed (thats all of them except for  3 champions)
and have the havoks, and 3 champion ready for spraying. Secondary prepare bikers, and start
 temple -landing pad.

Still waiting confirmation from blog wars 4 if or if not I need a main force special character.
If Typhous must be included then  I will drop the lord the bikes and the landing pad for Typhous and some terminators, really realy don't want too though.

And finaly Setup pictures from a game played this Wednesday at the Sons of War Gaming club in Cambridge.

Brunos Blood angels with Mephiston
Bikes, Plaguemarines troops and Havoks.

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  1. Think he looks ace. No more banners lol! He has a million as it is.. all with details of his Tally I assume? I guess that's what the book comment was about - keeping a record of his Tally..
    Might be an idea.. unless it's scribbled all over the banners?