Monday, 26 November 2012

Count the Seven

Count theSeven,
Its been a productive weekend though I could have done better if I was not playing league of legends.

Now all my models have been airbrushed and based,
Here is a picture of my bikes.

Today I will have very limited painting time, but i hope to get some details on Epidemius.

I played 2 games the past week, one against Sons of Sanguinius Andy, I lost again this time it was closser even though I had hevy losses. My lord had the relic on turn 5 but he failed 2 out of the 4 armour saves and died and the game ended, Andy had slay the warlord, first blood and linbreaker, I had slay the warlord.
I was playing second again and I also realized that for some reason I was doing only 1 attack with the plague marines,  even though they have plague knife and bolt pistol. Better realizing it now before my first tournament with them. Epidemius had 20 counters by the beggining of turn 2 but even then the nids did alot of damage in 2 turns.

My other game was ith Brunos blood angels,
let me just say that the prefered warlord trait against space marines is so gooooood.

This Wednesday I am playing steves demons. Probably going to play dawn of war purge the allien, that way i have played all 3 senarios.

6 Days left!

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