Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Commision free! Woo hooo!

As of today I am commision free, and that is a good thing, painting things for others can put you off the hobby, but its always nice to get some cash back from the hobby (and then just hand it over to GW!). Now I can fully concentrate all my hobby efforts on Pappa nurgle 26 days left.
All my bikes and havok parts are cast and I got of ebay some old rogue trader marines., today I plan to clean the mold lines of the bikes and fill in the air bubbles.

I am also thinking of adding a landing pad for the look cool effect. It is going to be a scratch built ( I got the dimensions from the landing pad its 11x11" and raised 3.2" from the ground.

The floor will look like the last on in the picture bellow but bigger and more chaotic forms.
the structure will be raised by the help of 4 massive nurgle hands(statue).

Cause of the size, I am hopping to be able to make additional pieces for sale. So no Gw pieces will be used.

I am also thinking of dropping the rhino, it keeps giving first blood.

Anyhow from today I am free to give in to temptations wings! Enjoy! Have a good day!

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