Friday, 1 April 2011

End of Phase 1. Recap, rally and regroup.

*** the following test is not Aprils fool***
Phase 1 ends.
Seccessionist win by 7 points, well done. I awarded 3 painting points to the loyalist; myself, Adam and Andy (he has done 850-900p, good effort) and to the seccessionists 2 points one to David and 1 to Chris.
For the record the players that brought the most points for our sides was Chris with his Lamenters (10) and myself with my Fire Hawks (6),although I also gave away the most points (12).
The special scenario Massacre at Bellerophones fall was really hard for us loyalists, not only the setup is bad for us but the obective of the mission too, killing space marine hq can be done by 1 power fist or a hammer. I dont now if it was luck, experience or statistics that gave us loayalists 1 win on that mission. Also playing first is a great advantage.
So Secessionist win phase 1, but what does it actualy mean?
It means that for the remaining 3 phases seccessionists can rerole any deep striking scater dice.
I have also put the bonus on the right hand side underneath the score counter.

Players Taking Part
Like any campaign not everyone intrested actualy takes part. I edited the players count list,  the numbers have dropped but its accurate. I still have hope for 2 blood angel players and Wookie to take part. Newcomers are always welcome at any point.

One phase ends another begins. Phase 2 is in effect from today. It will last one and a half months.
General info for phase 2.
Phase 2     Tides of destruction.  1st of April – 15 May
Games that can be played:

  •  Warhammer 40.00 games (+1500)
                                                      3cp for Loyalist win
The bonus for phase 2 is:
If Loyalist win all their fast attack choices count as scoring units. (vanguard, assault marines and bikes)
If secessionist win all their heavy choices count as scoring units. (deavastators and heavy choice dreadnoughts)

I will go in detail about the 2 special missions  when I get a chance.
Well done to those who took part in phase 1 of Badab war in Cambridge.

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