Tuesday, 29 March 2011

3 battles at Bellerophones Fall. Lots of pictures...

This week has been  full of gaming for me.
On Tuesday I played 2500p the mission MaBF against Chris Lamenters.
the Lamenters force was:


Mephiston, Lord Of Death                                                                                                (250)

Librarian. Jump pack, Blood Lance, Sanguine Sword                                                    (125)


2 Sanguinary Priest. Jump packs                                                                                    (150)

5 Sanguinary Guard. 1 power fist                                                                                    (210)

Furioso Librarian. Might Of Heroes, Wings Of Sanguinius                                             (175)
Transport: Lucius-pattern Drop Pod. Locator beacon                                                     (60)


10 Assault Marines. 1 power fist, 1 melatgun                                                                  (225)

5 Assault Marines. 1 infernus pistol/power weapon, 1 meltagun                                    (140)

10 Death Company. 2 power fist/boltgun, 4 bolt pistol/close combat weapon, 4 boltgun
Transport: Drop Pod                                                                                                        (35)

Death Company Dreadnought. Blood fists, meltagun, storm bolter                               (125)

Death Company Dreadnought. Blood talons, meltagun, storm bolter                            (125)
Transport: Lucius-pattern Drop Pod. Locator beacon                                                     (60)

Fast Attack:

4 Space Marine Bikes. 1 lightning claw, 2 meltaguns. 1 Attack Bike. Multi-melta           (200)

Baal Predator. Flamestorm cannon, heavy flamer sponsons, extra armour                  (155)

Heavy Support:

Storm Raven. Twin-linked plasma cannon, twin-linked multi-melta, extra armour         (215)

Total Point Value: 2500

The Fire Hawks-raptors were:

Space marine Captain100
artificer armor15
storm shield10
relic blade30
digital weapon10
Lias Issodon140
termi storm shield40
5 marines90
5 marines80
combi melta10
hunter missle10
multi melta0
5 marines90
5 marines80
razor back40
combi melta10
hunter missle
fist                                 25               
5 marines90
5 marines80
combi melta10
9 terminators360
5 sternguard125
3 sternguard75
8 combi melta40
Iron Clad135
 Assualt drop pod50
5 scouts75
heavy bolter10
3 missle launchers45

Command squad115
power weapon  s.shield15
2 power weapons30
Storm shield15

I like taking a corner with a building occupy it with the devastators and Issodon
 inside it. For those who dont know him he is the chaptermaster of the Raptor, I selected him for this mission.
He give the enemy reserves -1 to their roles, changes combat tactics to stealth and does a glancing hit to a vehicle or d6 wounds to a unit before the game starts.

Chapter master Issodon
So I deployed my forces as shown bellow, devastators on top and underneath sternguard with Librarian.
Razorback next to it with capatain and comand squad . phinos around trying to keep the enemy away. And 5 marines with a lascannon on another building.

Troops in Rhinos /razzorbacks (assault marines count as command squad)

Chris storm raven was carrying Mefisto and a dreadnaught.
and saguinary guard near them. Assault marine deploy near the lascannon squad.
Chris rolled a tota lof 4 to see who goes first I could not beat that.

Issodon glances the baal and detroys the big flamer.
Turn 1a.
2 pods come from the sky.
 Mephisto, death company dread, normal dread, and sanguinary guard attack my 9 terminators.
7 termies die, I did 3 hits to mephisto but rolled 2 1's. I lose i flee, i roll a 6 mephisto rolls 1. I escape.
Assault marines blow up my rhino and asault , i lose by 1 i flee and go 5 inches.he consolidates near me.
Ball moves and flames 4 of my 5 scouts to death. Tellon is happy hanging around the burning corpes of his once apprentices. Librarian dread maches the razorback to pieces.

Tunr 1b.
Pod arrives ironclad "protos" shoots mephisto and does another wound he then assaults him, mephisto attempts to becaume str10 but the librarian cut him off. unable to wound the ironclad mefisto suffers another 2 wounds and loses by 2 needing to take another 2 armor saves cause he is fearless, chris unlucky rolles snake eyes (1 wound would have done it).
terminators and marines can not regroup so they run a bit more , very close to the table edge.
5 Sternguard blow up the librarian dread with combi melta.
1 tactical takes care of the other dread with melta combi melta, the captain joins that unit while the command squad go to face the sanguininors.  I kill 2 chris kills 2 its a draw.
I shout the baal miss assault it and forget i have a fist (seriously in a game of 2500p I think I proxied 7 modles and that was one of it. arggg)
Lasscanon hit stormraven and it cant move or shoot next turn.

Death company dont come in.
Baal burns 2 sternguard, and does a wound on my librarian.
The bikers shoot 3 meltas at my ironclad and immobilize twice so they also destroy the seismic hammer.
Death company dread slices up my command squad.

Turn 2b
The 2 terminators can not regroup and run off so does the tactical.
3 devastators shooting at the death dread i hits does not even glance.
tactical with marines shoot and assault the bikes unforunatly a single biker lives and holds them in combat.
Lasscannon misses.

Turn 3a
death company pod in. shoot my sternguard so do the assault marines i think i am left with 2 sternguard and a librarian I think. Storm raven shoots all its got to the steranguard.  Death dread assaults my tactical and captain, biker dies 2 marines  die we lose by one but hold. librarian dies in combat by the assault marines with librarian and priest.

Turn 3b.
Lassacanon misses again.
cant wound the death dread It takes some wounds off my captian.
devastators take down some assault marines.

Turn 4a.
captain dies
and issodon dies in combat by death company

Turn 4b lascanon hits the stromraven but fails to glance.
4-0 for the lamenters in 4 turn. It was a good brutal game.

Wednesday 30 of April
I was happy painting yesterday my chapter masters head in store when Harry and Michael asked my if i want a game since their opponents could not make it. They offered me to be the attacker but I wanted another chance in the middle. I played first and won.  the list was almost the same with my 2500 without  the command squad the snipers and the ironclad. I have had thoughts to take out Lias Issodon to get back combat tactics and a chapter master but yesterday he immobilized a LR at the beggining of the game.

Old bitter Chapter Master Lazaerek

Some pictures of the battle of Harry (space wolfs), Michael (Black Templars),Rob (Salamanders) and elliots Hawks played last week, ended on a draw cause of time.


Tommorow I will write a conclution of phase 1, announce the bonus for the Seccesionists and the mission we can play in phase 2.

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