Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Campaign update.

2 Weeks left for the end of Phase one.

Yesterdays Games:
Red Scorpions and Ultramarines incinerate Hawks and Angels! (Did you like my word play?)
Imperial guard win Black templars in Objectives. 9-2 for sucessionists.
Elam Courbray heavily wounded. (-1 W)
Next week I am going to skip gaming and get some modeling and painting done and prepare for one final game of Massacre at B. against Lamenters on the last Tuesday of the month.
Not much else to report.
Here is a picture with what was left. It was not pretty.

 I got some picture of work in progress.

IronClad- "Protos"

Chapter master Lazaerek


  1. man, your army is beautiful!

  2. Aww man! that chapter master is fantastic! I need to build a beefy hammer weilding, sheild carrying badass lke him.