Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Fire Hawks claim their first victory for the Loyalists. 2nd in Rampage.

Fire hawks win 1000p of executioners and bring home the first point for the loyalists.
I used my standard 1000p list
Captain Elam Courbray.
2 tactical squads
razorback drop pod
9 asault marines
2 attack bikes both with melta

Dan had
5 Terminators
2 tactical squads in rhino
5 devastators lascannon plasma cannon

1 objective each Dawn of war.
Dans rols were a bit unlucky especialy when my tactical unit from the drop pod did 2 melta gun wounds and 8 normal wounds, 1 instantly died from the melta gun wounds and so did the other four because all of his four 2d6 had a 1 or a 2 in them. Then he had a bad combat round were his 10 marines assaulted the tactical unit that had just killed the devastators and did 1 wound (powerfist) so the batle went on for 2 rounds until the assault marines charged in to give a helping hand.

We have another game of the special scenario for next Tuesday. Fire Hawks with Fire Angels (Ollie) vs ultramarines (David) and Red scorpions (Scotty). we have put Ultramarines on the succesionists and Scotty just wanted to play a game with his mate David, hopefully he will return to the loyalists after this. But i shall now no fear because I have the luckiest dice roller Ollie

2nd in Rampage
Actually with Ollie 2 weeks ago  we came second out of 40 teams in GW rampage (a doubles tournament in warhammer world)

I took 9 noice marines in a rhino 2x2 obliterators( I know what you are thinking but what do you do when you face a list that has 2 lr in 1500p) and  slanesh sorcerer with lash.
Ollie took a big mek with field a deff dread 20 boys 12 boys in truck some nobs in truck war buggy.

Game 1 vs IG & Space wolfs
4 chimeras with vets with melta guns, 1 psycker
1 rhino me space wolf marines, land speeder, 5 iron fangs me missle launcher
1 rune priest se terminator armor.
6 wolf scouts

this happenend...

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