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Gaming and playing in Cambridge UK.

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 This special post will work as a guide for buying and playing tabletop miniature games  in Cambride UK.

I will start with the gaming:

Mondays: Cambridge City games club. They Gather on Mondays, in a scout hut behind the petrol station on Elizabeth way. Lovely bunch of gamers, they seem to play every game available, lots of flames of war and DBM-M. I have not attended for a couple of years so I am not aware of the gaming fee, but they have an active forum and you can find all the details in their site.

Tuesdays: Panting and Skirmish gaming at Cafe Julian on Region street. Cafe Julian stays open from 6-10 just for us gamers. There is no entry fee but you are asked to buy a cofe or a snack, which are all delicious the s/w are custom made fresly on the spot. Its more for painting and chilling, but you can play a skirmish game on their tables (2,5x4 feet). Relaxed atmospere have a drink or snack and paint.

Wednesday: Sons of war. From 6-10pm. Entry fee is £3 and for members £1.5 (membership is £15) first visit is free. 40k fantasy, warmachine and hordes, infinity, bloodbowl, superdungeon explore, x wing and zombicide are the major games played but all games are welcomed. Great amount of boards and terrain. They also have a very active Facebook page.

Last game of December at Sons of war a megabattle with more than 20.000 points.

  • You can play 40k, fantasy or lotr on the two 4x4 tables available at Games Workshop Cambridge 6-10pm free of charge, you do need to book them in advance.

Painting session organized by platoon britanica, held at Inner Sanctum
 Fridays: 2d6 lodge is a new gaming club. 5-10pm and the entry fee is £2.5. Painters and all types of games welcome.

Miniature shopping in Cambridge,

I will start with were you can buy actual miniatures, there is only two places that I know of.
  • Games workshop Cambridge, at GW you will find warhammer fantasy, 40k and lotr products.
  •  Inner Sanctum collectables,at inner sanctum you will find the full range of Hordes and Warmachine, infinity, wyrd, flames of war, heldorado and many others. Inner sanctum also sell P3 and vallejo paints, green stuff, millipput and a wide range of galeforce nine basing and tools, mig pigments, they also stock some army painter sprays and dips. They also have a masive range of roleplaying books card games and  board games. 

Tools Paints & Supplies.
   I mentioned already Innner Sanctum,  so Hobby Craft (near the grafton,  opposite of Argos) comes next to mind, the 1st floor has the best selection of plasticard sheets in Cambridge, some airbrushes and a wide selection of paints, valejo, Tamya (great for airbrushing) and revell paints. Also masking tape for airbrushing.

Hobbycraft. (located in the bee hive, neer asda supermarket)

Hobby craft has a wide section for crafts but not much for our hobby when you look at the size of the place. They have a good range of brushes and clays & plaster. They also sell oil paints.

Tindells (located on kings street) is another shop I like, they have a wide selection of oil paints and spray cans, the also sell winsor newton series 7 brushes (which I find the best for painting) and a wide range of brushes, they sell a bit of plasticard and a goor range of plastic rods in different shapes and sizes. They also have a nice range of clay, oven or airdrying, you can find fimo, supersculptey,  and various grades of miliput, they sell some sillicone and resin but I can get that cheaper online, other thinkgs I buy from here is clay shapers.
Great buy if you are into sculpting.

They also sell newton winsor inks (same like the old gw inks) and finaly they have a great range of pastels that can become great pigments.

Other stores.
 If you are looking for jungle plants or some bits of terrain Pets at home in the beehive have some good choices.

Mackays store has hall bearings, wood glue, sandpaper, masks and  dremel accessories, located on East road.

Thats all my knowledge regarding playing and buying wargames folks, if you liked it or would like to add something, please leave it in the comment section bellow.

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  1. Very nice. I also get a lot of stuff from home base and b&q for making terrain.