Monday, 4 March 2013

Kill team, a bit of progress.

Good morning readers,
Another weekend passes us bye, but it was a good one.

I finished my anchient greek themes bases and made a first cast in resin.

I also started on my greek marines:

I other news :
The new demons codex & army books are out, I have not read it yet but I did see that screamers and flammers got nerfed realy hard; cause who would buy new stuff when flammers and screamer are so overpowered?! but now that you have bought +20 of each its time to nefr them and rule boost are new releases. This was so obvious it makes me feel a bit sick. On the other hand if you did play 3x9 flammers and 3x9 screamers- serves you right. Who says two wrongs dont make a right! :-).

This is also good news for kill team I think, it will give space marine armies a better chance, but has me thinking if I now should have ap3 weapons, which would mean a diffrent army list. I am hopping my 18 shoots can snipe the specialist weapons fast.

My friend Harry has changed his list from demons to nids, 10 hormagaunts, 10 termigaunts and
Wait for it
The doom of malan'tai!!!!!
I dont know how the doom passed undetected in the previous event he looks sick, 4 wounds a +3 inv, and the potential to gain many more wounds and a ap1 blast.

The problem with the list is if you can kill the malantai you can probably force them to flee.
There is no synapse creature in the list and the 20 troops need to take 20 ld (at ld6) to see if the behave normaly or start running into cover.
Still killing the Malan'tai will be no easy task, we will playtest it a bit this Wednesday hopefuly.

Last bit of news is Dark age games released the new faction I have been waiting for the Kukulkani.
Though I have not played Dark age yet it looks to be a nice skirmish game that again does not require tons of models and you share one common game turn were you activate one unit then the opponent activates one and it continues until all units have been activated. Sounds good, when ready and know more about it I will write a small review.

That all for now, Have a great week and expect a few greek marine updates to follow.

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