Monday, 11 February 2013

Painting 81 zombies. Start

Good morning readers another Monday....

Well this weekend I did alot of work on my 81 zombies.

What I started out with, nine packs of nine "Red box Games" zombies.
Glued on 25mm bases and milliput inserted in the gaps.

Basecoat of P3 thrall flesh mixxed with vallejo cleaner /airbrushed.
GW greatchin green on the zombies pants & codex grey on the pieces of cork.

I then airbrush from the top a mix of thral flesh and V.air white.
Last step (for now) was dip and shake the minis in army painter quickshade.

Today I am going to apply testors dull coat and let them dry another day.

After that I am going to paint astronomical grey parts of some bases were ice will be applied, and once dry apply the same again with gloss and add blue and mix to get a swirl effect. Here are some I did for some space wolfs.

After that I need to paint some cadian helmets maybe some guns, and apply snow and blood.

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