Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Lustrian goblin Army for sale.

Hello, I would like to sell my custom made Lustrian goblin army.

The army consist of:
Lords Heroes
1 Goblin lvl4 shaman
1 goblin hero o Giant spider
2 goblin shammans
1 goblin bsb

2x30 forest goblins (night goblins) full comand and netters.
3 units of spider riders =33 spider riders.
5 fanatics.

4 spearchuckas
5 frog hoppers (squig hoppers)

1 Aracnid
1 rock lober
1 doom diver.
1 Rock elemental (giant)

+GW Case.
+Custom made movment trays.

asking for 1100$/£700 + postage which I  need to calculate depending destination.
all created and painted by myself.

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