Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Τhe chosen nine of Pythiα part1/ Kill team.

Hello readers part 2 on the nurgle landing pad is underway today I hope to get some painting.

But today I actualy want to decide the look into my kill team which is also the starting point of my greek marine army.

My list is 9 grey knight strike squad marines with psybolts.

This post is writen so I can decide and comeback to who is in the team what do they wear, colours symbols chapter weapons etc. while I can write and save this post before publishing, I can edit and add details.

So 9 space marines from greek Chapters:
I will start with the GW known ones. And also give them a name some background and the reason joining Pythias guard.

1. Irons snakes of Ithaka-will try and find a name from the story.- colours blue steel with a white shoulder pad  blue Ω snake and red trim.
Modeling-All the following images are not mine. I am liking the snake inside the armour. I will try and adopt that.

 Forgewold has a torso like it but its in a 37£ pound set so I will try and make my own.

Also these breast plates are rather nice. one will go for iron snakes and the other to argos hyrda.

2. Minotaurs - standard chapter colours.
For this model I am going to use from waste down the fogeworld model asterion

I am going to give him a two handed axe to count as a nemesis sword.

then I go into city states.

3. Owls of Athena- Pericles the Younger, Son of Pericles, to prove his love for the city of Athena (his mother was not Athenian, (making him not a pure blood Athenian), he volenteered for the position.

4. Spartans -Aristodemus The only one of the 300 spartans that escaped the first tyranid assault at the hot gates cause of an eye infection, he seeks the enemy with zeal.

5. Macedonian Guard.-  Demetrius, once a personal bodyguard to Chapter master Alexander  was accused for consipacy withing the Macedonian Guard and was sentenced to execution, Alexander spared him and was exiled from Makedonia. He painted his gloves red(as sign of shame)and joined Pythias force until he is absolved.

6. Heraclids of thebes -  Atromos son of Hercules and Stratonikh. Offspring of Hercules Atromos name means fearless in anchient greek. He proudly serves Pythia as trybute from Thebes,  honoring his chapter and his fathers name.

7. Argos - Διομηδης- The Water Snake. Argive distintive feature was the Hydra (water-snake) symbol , which is associated with Argos after Heracles killed the water-snake at Lerna, near Argos. Upon returning from war found his city gates closed and his thone taken. Discusted and tired from the recent war he founded a new city, and then joined Pythia as trybute.

8. Korintians

9. Golden Lions of Samos.

Last night I split the components for each marine. Photos tomorrow, I will be giving the minotaur a terminator head with horns so he looks like a bull.

I think I will start with three at one time.
I am going to start with Spartan Athenian and Minotaur.

Some images for inspiration:

I gathered  last night the parts available for each marine. Gw, forgeworld, black lotus, puppets war,,microart studio and scibor. I am also waiting for some chapter house studio greek heads.

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