Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Painting 81 zombies -done.

Good morning readers, big photo post today.

This weekend I finished my 81 zombies for the tale of x gamers. I am glad I got the most tedious part over within 2 weekend painting sessions.

You really should click on this one.

 This is how I did it, no talent required:
airbrush thrall flesh on all the model
paint greachin green on the trousers
paint bleached bone on the rope-belts, thankfully only certain models had this.
codex grey on the cork pieces.
airbrush thrall flesh + directly above the model.
dip in army painter - Next day my arm was stiff from all the shaking.
leave 2 days to dry
spray testors dullcoat to remove the gloss
leave 1 days to dry
paint chaos black around the base
paint astronomical grey-blue regal-white under the ice - as seen in the first part
super glue the ice
Apply a blue glaze on the ice
add a pva-snow-and water mix on the bases
tamya clear red-brown ink-gloss varnish applied with a small bit of sponge onto the zombies mainly hands and mouth and a bit on the snow.
brown ink on the snow
I also added some cadian helmets (from FW because they are smaller.)

Now I need to get my but into action for the kill team,
I have been doing some bases

And finally some pics from the sons of war Cambridge  last week, I really liked the all crocodiles hordes army:

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  1. I really have no idea how you paint to such a high standard so quickly mate, I'm just taking a break from painting Sicarius in my part of Tale of X Gamers!