Wednesday, 15 February 2012

working on some claws... My night Lord recipe 1.

Good morning everyone, I am working on the troops now.

I am just going to write down my recipe so I dont forget it.
First I spray the models chaos black
***Airbrushing ***
After trying tamya, vallejo, gw with various thiners, I have decided the only paints i am buying from now on for my airbrush is vallejo air. Need no thining, cheap price never clogs, never splats also it covers really nicely.
Then I zenith highlight with vallejo air white
Basecoat with Vallejo air blue 71.004
On the highlighted areas I airbrush with  Vallejo air light sea blue 71.089

Once dry I wash twice with GW asurmen blue with some added badab black 4/1
The red parts wings shoulder pad are painted with vallejo flat red.
The heads are painted with graveyard earth, then kommando haki and bleach bone for some edges.
and the base coat of the metal is vallejo brass.

I am trying to get the eyes glowing, I will get back to you on that.

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