Friday, 3 February 2012

Nightlord Rhino finished.

Hope you like it.

I have played some games with my warband.
2 wins 1 loss 1 draw.
the 2 wins were vs nids and imperial fists.
the draw was vs sisters of battle.

And the loss was vs blood angels- kill points. Really really comon thing to say but some bad dice rolls cost me the game. He had 5 scouts 5 assault marines and a death company dread. I took 2 shoots vs the dread i missed the other penetrated and I rolled a 1. My chosen fail to assault the scouts cause I rolled a 1,2.
Next turn the dread slices through my tactical after it shot my rhino.
On my next turn I want to shoot the dread with the meltas but fail again to go down a floor 2,2. So instead I assault the scouts. the chosen kills the scouts the dread kills the lord.
On his turn the dread goes up 2 floors with move and fleet and assaults my chosen. 2 melta bombs 2,2
4 krak granades not one 6. I die.
So basicly he beat me with 1 dreadnaught.

Oh and the imperial fist tank shoked me with a rhino I do an auto hit melta shot. 1,1.
Any sujestion to make my meltas hit and shoot?
I hope Matt ward rewrites the chaos space marine fluff and make salamanders a traitor legion, then I can take Hestan and reroll failed meltas!

Its ok though guys chill, I got it.

I bought new dice.

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