Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nurgle: Out with the old and in with the new.

Good morning readers,

I handed in my entry for the armies on parade at my local GW store.

Missing from the photos are the norks, epidemius and a couple of demons. I will hand those over on Friday, they still need a bit of painting.

After golden deamon I will be selling it on ebay with starting price 550£ (the models cost 364£) board included, greater deamon of nurgle not included (it can be for an extra 130£).
The list contains at 1500.

Demon prince wings mark of nurgle
10 plague marines champion with fist 2 plasma guns rhino
5 plague marines 2 plasma guns
5 terminators mark on nurgle,
1 plague drone
2 obliterators
1 defiler

7 plaguemarines

At 1750 I add 2 more blight drones.
 More pictures of the board and individual miniatures after Monday.

And as that army is near completion I am about to start my hipster nurgle army.

2 dp nurgle wings

7 plague marines champion fist 2melta guns rhino
7 plague marines  2melta guns
7 plague marines  2plasma guns
7 plague marines  2plasma guns  Banner.

1 blight drone


I must admit my chaos demon prince's have had very little love. I am waiting for the new codex do decide my HQ, for now they will be painted with a shade of green and maybe I will go back to them.

I will tell you who does a nice DP. the chap form the 14th legion blog, check him out

I will also be working on my greek contemptor dreadnaught, photos soon.

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