Thursday, 13 September 2012

Greek and Nurgle Marines in progress

Goodmorning readers,

I did not win the armies parade competition, a post for this following this week.

Today I would like to reveal the progress of a 3 year in thought project of mine. The greeks marines or as I will be calling them "Pythias Chosen"

From left to right: Avatar of Artemis (Vindicare Assasin), Grey knight Paladin, Iron snakes dreadnaught(grey knight dreadnaught), space marine scout with hi tech cros bow (sniper riffle).

Artemis is from hasslefree miniatures I added some green stuff cause she was in her birthday suit.The hands bow and quiver are from the dragon high elf kit and fits nicely (proof that high elfs are girls!).
Artemis is the only one ready to paint.

The paladin is still wip he still needs shin guards a belt with leather straps and a few greek symbols once I decide which part of Greece is he from.

the Iron snake dreadnaught Is mostly forgeworld I made a copy of the torso cause I was not sure when I was hacking through it if it would be a fail or not. The guns are from puppets war. The shin guards I did from a method Scibor miniatures uses and was kind enough to share,sculpting.php?id=571 . The head is from a chaos defiler carefully greenstuffed.
And finaly the crest is 2 tomb king banners stuck together taken from the 14 legion blog he has some great conversion ideas.
I hope he will be ready for painting by the end of this month.

And last but not least is a sniper I put together yesterday, I thought changing the head was simply not enough so I gave him a high tech crossbow instead of a sniper riffle.

And not forgetting my current love for plaguemarines epidemius

Soon some good pics of my first nurgle army.

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