Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fancy painting a deathwatch marine for a competition /charity?

Hello readers,

If you are intrested there is a nice painting competition charity at the fallen princes

Paint up a sternguard marine as any deatthwatch marine you like, enter it for a competition and if you like donate it for charity.

For more on Deathwatch

So here is the racap of the comp rules

By October 31st to be in a chance to win a prize, you will need:
1) Be a follower of this blog and drop me a comment below saying your entering.
2) Built, paint and send me pictures of your competed figure.
3) Get people to vote for your figure once finalists are chosen.
Now if your interested in the bonus karma and wish to donate your entry to charity, then please email me at
The reason for this is because we will have to organize ourselves a bit better to make a coherent squad. I think for the 1st charity squad we should aim to build a Sternguard Squad.
So as the charity force grows I will add the names to this list and if more people wish to join or make bonus figures then the force will grow.
I am planning on making a minotaur deathwatch marine.
I will be using the shoulder pad from forgeworld, some marine and grey knight bits.

Update soon.

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