Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Time to Panic.

Well I actually started panicing on Monday.
Why? you might ask; because the Forge World Badab War Campaign is Next weekend and i dont have everything ready.
I sat down and wrote my 2500p list.
It now has things I do not have ready.
This is because I decided I dont want a captain, assault marines and a land raider in my list for the first mission.

Lias Issodon 140

Master of the forge 100

Librarian 100
storm shield terminator armor 40
The avenger, Gate of infinity

10 terminators 400

5 Sternguard 125
3 sternguard 75
6 combi meltas 30
1 combi flamer 5
Drop pod 35

Iron Clad 135
heavy flammer 10
Assault drop pod 50

5 marines 90
5 marines 80
Fist 25
combi melta 10
Melta 5
rhino 35

5 marines 90
5 marines 80
Fist 25
combi melta 10
Melta 5
rhino 35

5 marines 90
1 marines 16
p.w 15

5 devastators 90
3 missile launchers 45

5 devastators 90
1 lascannons 25
3missle launcher 45

Vanguard veterans 125
relic blade 15
claw 15
claw 15
P.w 15
5 jump packs 50

Dreadnought 105

This is what I need to paint (all are build except for the master of the forge and the LR.

2 rhino
1 LR
5 Vanguard
5 Devastator (half painted)
1 master of the forge

I also need to make 1 assault drop pod.

The list is for the mission where I setup in the middle of the table and my opponents all around. there is a chance he will be going first. The mission has 4 scoring points.3 are my 3 HQ(alive for me , dead for my opponent) and 1 for who ever has the most kill points.
The worst thing in this senario is not that you get assaulted first turn, or that you start inside a box,
or his reserves can come in from any side.
The worst thing is that 1 succesfull wound from a fist or a hammer aimed at your hq has about 40% to kill them straight off.
My plann is to stick Master of the forge and and lias issodon in a building with the 2 units of 5 devastators.

Bolster defences combined with Lias universal rule stealth means that inside the building they get a +2 cover save.

Around the building I will have the 10 terminators and the dread And around them the 3 units of tactical marines.
turn 1 the iron clad enters shoots and assaults.
and after turn 2 I await help from Vanguard and Sternguard+librarian

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