Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sternguard Progress 2.

Hello readers!

THe shoulder pads are now on and I added some mithril silver to the metals.
Today I am hoping to get the chapter sumbol on them.
Tomorrow I will have some pics of my Dreadnought, and actually see how many points I have painted.

I have also been asked to make a tutorial on how I airbrush marines.
I might do that with the vanguard. Time is very little though until the campaign and I have my birthday in between too.

I also have a stormraven unpainted, (that i was going to paint as a grey knight and paint). I am really thinking of painting it up as a fire hawk and use it in the apocalypse game with jet pack command squad and Elam Courbray. (he can take command squad with jump packs) what do you think?


  1. they look amazing. i wouldnt mind a marine airbrushing tutorial either actually. i am thinking of doing a desert colour scheme and it might work pretty well for that, especially on the tanks.

  2. really nice painted, looking forward to see them fully painted.