Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Custom made hero quest project.

Its been years since I posted here, but I thought I might share my new project. 
Summer is here meaning I have some time for myself and the weather allows for more time in the garden.  I have decided to recreate the iconic (and one of my favorite board games) hero quest.
 I used to play it as a kid on my Atari ST and in real life with friends. Even a few years ago I had a blast playing the barbarian, rolling like demon on movement and attack dice, been a room ahead of everyone else barging into the next room and slaying everything in the room, while the rest of the group trying to catch up to me. In the meantime, our dwarf  "specialist" disarmed all the traps with her body and hit points. 
Normally I would not justify myself adding another board game when I have myth and Cthulhu Wars and played them only once. But hero quest is truly different, this is a game that I can play with my normal life friends as a way to introduce them into board games. I see it as the best way to introduce someone to dungeons and dragons. You don't need to spend a session on character creation and the game runs at a good pace with simple movement and combat. Those who know me I am a bit of a hipster when it comes to miniatures. Using the ones simply in the box will Just not do. Just buying the old version would be to easy, cost effective and boring. 
No! I will be making a custom build version with a 3d board. The miniatures  are from a third party, so will be the furniture and doors. I will print out the cards and rule book. And make a custom wooden box for them all. The miniatures were ordered today and the should be with me by the end of July. Until then I hope to have finished the board. If I have some time I will paint the furniture next. I might paint miniatures and furniture as the team works through the levels.
That's all for now I will get in greater details as I tackle each part of the game.

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