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Scenarios you can play in Phase 1 -Shadow of war

Just quickly refreshing the rules.
Phase 1     Shadow of War.  1st of March – 31 March
Games that can be played:
  • Boarding Mission/ 800-1000/3CP Taken from IA9 Page 146.
  • Battle fleet gothic/500p/2CP
  • Special Mission: The Massacre at Bellerophon's Fall/2000p/4CP (can be played as doubles with 2x1000p) taken from IA9
  • Boarder patrols(40kin 40m)/400p/1CP
  • Space hulk/350p/1CP  - taken from BOLS
  • 1000p Warhammer 40.00 games 2cp
  • Crowes World 1000p/2cp

Boarding Mission/ 800-1000/3CP. Taken from IA9 Page 146.

You will have to read this one I can not give you a full description.
  •       It is played on a 4x4 space hulk enviroment.
  •      No vehicles allowed except for walkers
  •      Assault marines without jump packs count as troops.
  •      Light vehicles and walkers treat difficult terrain as dangerous, turboboost need a dangerous terrain test.
  • Jump packs that move more than 6" need dangerous terrain test.
  • You are are defending or assaulting a damaged battleship, there is a catastrophic damage table, you may be fighting with the lights off, with the battleship shaking or exploding and/or with cold void rules.
Because there are no vehicles in the game you can play boarding missions from 800-1000p.

Special Mission: The Massacre at Bellerophon's Fall/2000p/4CP

Because this is a 2000p game it is preffered that you team up. This game needs 4 players but also gives you the most campaign points than any mission in Phase 1. It is also a "historical moment" were Mantis warriors try to ambush and elliminate the Marines Errant HQ.

  • The defenders are always the loyalists.
  • The combined forces should still follow the army restrictions (not more than 3 elite/fast /heavy) but the defenders need to have exactly 3 HQ and the attackers can trade 1-3 heavy choices for the equal amount of fast choices.
  • Victory conditions for every living defending hq the defender score a point, for every dead or off the board defending hq the attacker scores a point. Who ever has the most kill points scores another point. If it is a draw then no one claims victory.         Example  The Mantis warriors kill 2 hq and also have most kill points (6-3). The mantis warriors have gained 2 points for the two dead hq and 1 for the most kill points, therefore win by 3-1. If the marines errant had won in kill points the game would have been a draw 2-2.
  • Defender sets up 12" within the table edges, no reserves allowed, deepstriking however is. The attacker then deploys outside the defenders zone and 6" away from loyalist models. If there is no space they are held in reserve unless deepstriking. Seccesionist reserves may enter from any table side they wish.
  • You roll off for who goes first. If the succesionists have less units on the table than the loyalists then they gain +1 to the dice roll.
  • Twilight assault: at the beggining of every game fight roll a dice on a +4 you are fighting the rest of the game in nightfight rules.
  • In this battlefield of ashwaste and rust all buildings and ruins are dangerous terrain hills are difficult terrain for infantry.
  • Roll a dice on the end of turn five. 3-6 you play one last turn 6. 1-2 the game ends.

Crowes World  from Bell of lost souls pdf ( page 85.
Pitched battle with seige ground rules (5obj)
5 primaris psyckers in the hands of the rebels. The loyalists need to eliminate them.
The secessionist side gets 5 primaris spsyckers under his control, they count as 5 objectives, they can mode d3" per turn. they have a +2 inv against shooting.  They know lesser teleporting, warp howl and warp anchor. At the end of the game the Loyalist scores a points for every dead psyker or captured and the seccesionist for every captioned one. Psyckers killed in the shooting phase do not count for any side. 

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