Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Fire hawks and Lamenters Updates. Robs Salamanders and Elliotts own chapter

Some more progress from Fire Hawks and Lamenters.

Next up for me 9 assault marines with hammer and flammer.

Robs Salamanders...

...and Elliotts own chapter

well done!


  1. fantastic stuff. The Rhino and JP captain are both incredible.

  2. Seconded, I love the Jump Captain...looks wicked, plus those lamenters are sweet...need to see them in person on the tabletop!

  3. Very nice Lamenter paint scheme!
    Is it possible to know the colours?
    Thank you very much!

  4. The Lamenters were painted by Chris Brighton, His recipe was:
    Infantry: Iyanden Darksun/Bleached Bone bascoat. Blackline with a Chaos Black/Regal Blue mix. Highlight by adding more Bleached Bone into the basecoat. The chequers are done using a 0.05mm pigment pen. The icons are the BoLS transfers.
    Vehicles: Dark Flesh basecoat. Drybrush heavily with Iyanden Darksun (2 coats). Then 2 more drybrush coats, adding increasing amounts of Bleached Bone to the Iyanden Darksun. 'Blackline' with watered down Scorched Brown, then apply edge highlights using Bleached Bone with a small amount of Iyanden Darksun mixed in.